Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Windows Tip: Switching Between Open Programs

So you are researching on the Internet and want to jot some notes into your word can you move back and forth between the two programs with as little effort as possible. Listed are two ways that you can use to switch between open programs.

1. Use the Taskbar. Any program that is up and running has a presence on the Taskbar. You can easily jump between programs by simply clicking once on the "button" for the desired program on the Taskbar.

2. Ctrl + Tab allows you to shuffle between open programs. When you hit Ctrl + Tab, you will see a floating window that shows you want programs are currently running. If you continue to hold down the Ctrl key and tap the Tab key, you will advance through the list of programs. When you have stopped on the desired program, let up on the Ctrl key and that program will be brought to the front. This is a quick way to get between open programs...and make your computing much more efficient.