Monday, January 8, 2007

Mac Tip: Switching between open programs

Happy Monday!
Right, well anyway...I thought since many of you are using more and more programs, it might be nice to know how to switch between programs WITH AS LITTLE EFFORT AS POSSIBLE.

It drives me nuts when someone wants to show me something...and they move between open programs by dragging windows all over here and there. It is all I can do to not take the mouse away!

So, to help you, here are a few tips to move between open programs.
1. Use the Dock
You can click on any application to launch it or bring it to the front. It is then available for you to use.

2. Command (Open Apple) Tab
Using Command + Tab brings up a floating image that shuffles through open programs. Each time you tap the Tab key, it goes to the next open program. Try it, it is BEAUTIFUL!

One final note...if you have multiple windows open in a program, use the Window menu to move between documents - STOP DRAGGING YOUR WINDOWS AROUND!!