Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Google For Educators!

Google is working to accomodate teachers that are interested in using technology in their classrooms (sound like anyone you know?)

Just this past week, Google launched a new section of their website: Google for Educators. On this section is a collection of resources for teachers that want to use technology. They are posting online video tutorials for such tools as Blogger, Google Earth, Picasa and more!
There are also "how to" documents on the variety of tools they offer. You will also find lesson plans that correspond with the different tools.

Google wants your input! If you have an idea or lesson to share, Google wants to hear from you. Or...if you try out a lesson you got from here, you can submit feedback. You can also feature student work. There is a teacher's newsletter as well that you can subscribe to if you want to stay informed.

According to Google's site: "We think of this site as a platform of teaching resources - for everything from blogging and collaborative writing to geographical search tools and 3D modelling software - and we want you to fill it in with your great ideas."

Visit the new section of Google to learn more. I think it can be a great tool for educators if we use it.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


What search engine do you use? Did you know there is more than one?
Not all search engines are alike...and today they are becoming more and more diversified...each trying to become THE search engine that everyone uses.

So what are some common (and maybe not so common) search engines?

There are actually some search engines available just for kids and some of the above search engines have a "safe search" feature that you can enable to help eliminate receiving inappropriate material.
Some search engines for kids are:
ALA Great Web Site For Kids
Awesome Library
Education World

You can enable a filter for safer surfing on most search engines:
AllTheWeb: Use the Basic Settings page to enable the Offensive Content Filter option. The only works for searches in English.
Use the Family Filter Setup page.

Use options for Content Filtering on the Your Settings page or try Ask Jeeves For Kids, listed above.

See the SafeSearch help page for instructions on setting up filtering on a permanent or as-needed basis.

Use the Block Offensive Content section of the Filter Preferences page. Note that you may need to set this again if you change from using the default "HotBot" search engine that's offered.

Use the Adult Filter section of the Advanced Search Filters page.

Teoma doesn't appear to offer a filter.

Set the SafeSearch Filter option via the Search Preferences page.