Monday, July 2, 2007

Mac Gems from MacWorld... & Me!

The latest version of MacWorld has a great list of software programs that are either free or inexpensive. BUT...I noticed that they missed a few (a few???) so I thought I would add some of my favorites...
is a simple, free application that lets you morph one photo into another. The results can be an image or a movie. This program is extremely intuitive and takes no time to learn. I was able to open iPhoto, drag two pictures into the MorphX and create a movie of the morph in about 3 minutes.

Tint which is also from NorrKross is a free program that lets you adjust the color balance in an image. The cool thing about this program is the tint change is applied to one color, not the entire image so you can really turn the gray sky blue without making everything else blue in the image.

iZoom is a very easy program that resizes and crops images. This is perfect for preediting before inserting into your web pages or other multimedia projects.

pdfplug-in is an internet browser plug-in for the mac. No more having to delete that downloaded pdf file just because you clicked on the link in your browser. Now, with the pdf plug-in, when you click on a pdf link, it opens in a separate window and you have a toolbar to save, print, zoom in or out....BEFORE having it downloaded to your computer. This is one of my favorites!