Saturday, January 6, 2007

Internet Tips: Email Etiquette

Although we have all been using email for professional and personal means for quite some time, it surprises me how many people violate basic email etiquette. So, here is a list of resources you can use to learn how to become smart emailers...and not offend anyone. Remember, you can't convey feeling in text, no matter how hard you try.

Great Works Internet 10 Email Commandments About Replying to Email

I Will Follow: Addresses To, CC, and BCC along with emoticons :O)

I actually have several pet peeves when it comes to email, do you have any? Please share.

Mine are:
*No Subject - to me that is just rude
*Mass Forwards - it is the same thing as a chain letter
*Putting Re: in the subject line when you initiate the email
*Not putting a greeting or a closing in an email - although I do this at times, typically...not a good idea
*Sending inappropriate email to a professional address. We all have personal email, it is for personal correspondence. That is not to say that I don't send personal messages with my professional account. If I am inviting someone to lunch or have a quick question, I see no problem sending an email using whatever account is convenient. But, sending attachments that are videos or jokes, should be sent to personal accounts.

Enough preaching...I will get off my soap box now. ;O)