Friday, January 5, 2007

Window Tip: Change your View to Classic

If you have been a Windows user for some time, upgrading to XP made the look of your computer a bit different and sometimes hard to get used to...but Microsoft gave you an out. You can actually change your start menu to look and act like the old start menu from Windows 95 or 98 days.

To change your start menu to the classic view:
1. Right-click on your start menu
2. Select properties from the pop-up menu
3. In the dialog box that opens, click on the Start Menu tab
4. At the bottom of the screen, click on Classic Start Menu
5. Click OK

You now have a Start Menu with the look and feel that you might be used to. If you are not sure what the changes were, go back to the Start Menu properties and click on Start Menu. Then click Apply and access your Start Menu. You can easily see the difference between the new look in XP and the classic look taken from Windows 95/98.