Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stick with iPhoto: Creating an album Web Page

iPhoto is such a great program that I thought I would give you one more tip.

I had a teacher ask me today, "Is there a way I can easily create a web page with thumb nails of images, like an album page...but you can click on the thumb nail and see an enlarged image?"

Wow! What a perfect opportunity to show the export to a web page feature in iPhoto:
There are a couple of things you want to think about - preplanning. For example, do you want to use captions or comments with your images? If so, you will want to add titles and comments to your images, not sure how to do this...click on the image and then click on the "i" in the lower left corner of iPhoto, a summary box appears that lets you type in a title and comments.

Now, onto that web page:
Step 1: Select the images you wish to include in your album web page.
Step 2: Go to the File menu and choose Export
Step 3: In the Export window, click on the Web Page tab.
There are some settings you might want to change in here. This is where you tell iPhoto if you want to include comments or image titles (use as a caption).
Step 4: Export your page. There is a little trick here. What you want to do is create a folder and name it something SIMPLE that reflects the web page. Save your file into this folder. The file picks up the name of the folder.

Ta Da!! You have created an album web page.