Monday, January 22, 2007

Mac Tip: Using iPhoto for Before & After Shots

If you are running the latest version of iPhoto (version 6), Apple put a new feature in called Compare. With Compare, you can view a collection of photos in the editing mode. I really didn't see the need for this until one day...I was looking at a photo and thought, I want to make some changes but I want to compare it to the original; kind of a before and after effect. can I do this?

DUH! This is the perfect way to use the Compare feature in iPhoto. Below, is a screen shot of what it looks like when I use the Compare feature and make changes to the image on the right. To get into the Compare mode, simply command click on each of the photos and then double-click on one of them. A window will open with the pictures you selected and the editing tools at the bottom.

NOTE: to do the before and after trick, you need to have a duplicate of the picture for comparison. Right-click on an image and choose "duplicate" then select both images, and double-click on one of them to get into the editing mode (shown below).
Make adjustments using the editing tools in iPhoto to get your "after" picture with the changes that you have made. You can constantly compare your edited image with the original so see if you are actually enhancing the image...or just making it worse. Here is an example of before and after shots: