Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Google Has Gone Under! (water that is)...

Google 5.0 now lets us oggle over the 70% of the earth we cannot see from land or plane. That’s right; you can now fly your Google navigator under the sea! The 5th version of Google Earth adds the ability to explore the Oceans and Mars, as well as a Historical Imagery feature that lets you view satellite imagery from the past, going as far back at the 1950's in some places. They have made making tours easier and allows users to create a narrated tour in Google Earth and share it with the world. The ocean layer is not on by default, so click it on before you 'crash' into the ocean to explore. Check out this article that highlights the new features in Google Earth 5.0.

Do you use Google Earth Plus? Well, that is no longer available as the new 5.0 has also included the most popular feature of GPS connectivity into its new version.