Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Very Excited Teachers Say "THANK YOU!!"

Deliveries were made to these creative teachers on Wednesday!

Barb Fettig at Skyview
She screamed when she found out she won the ipod Touch - scaring her students a bit. They were offering advice and consultation on how to use her new ipod Touch before she even had it out of the box!

Julie Betts at Bitterroot
Julie was so excited, she forgot to lecture her students about their poor performance on homework. She also forgot to mention my cool new hairdo until after I left. ;O)

Carol Annin at Washington
Carol was busy with the wireless lab and SRI testing, but not too busy to discuss ideas of how to use the ipod in her classroom.

I am sure these innovative teachers would love to share with you their ideas for using Wordle! Each one of them told me they had more ideas on how to use this easy and cool tool. Please pick their brains for ideas. After all, TILT is about sharing our knowledge and ideas!

Each one of these teachers wanted to make sure that the judges were thanked! They are a very appreciative bunch. I thank the judges for taking the time too. We really appreciated it.