Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kindle Kaos!

So, this is the Kindle! Not familiar with it? Well, neither was I until my husband Mike (who, by the way is the BEST!) and I were watching Oprah (case in point) and she introduced her favorite gadget - the Kindle! She explained the Kindle to be an electronic book reader. The CEO of Amazon evidently invented it. The idea behind it is you can download and store your books electronically. The price of a book to download is 1/2 or less of the retail price for the printed version. The Kindle uses the Sprint network so you can wirelessly shop and download to your heart's content. You can store books, audiobooks, bookmark pages, highlight lines of text, lookup words in a built-in dictionary...even store and listen to music while you read. Because I spend at least one paycheck a year on books, Mike turned to me and said, "I am getting you that for Christmas." Well, that was all it took for me...I was online and putting my credit card info in before Oprah could say, "buy one!" I have downloaded two books and a collection of music so far. Today I finished reading one of the books! It was so neat!

WAIT!!! Before you go online and spend $350...yep, $350 for this need to know the one downside. Montana and Alaska are the only two states that don't carry a strong enough Sprint network connection for the Kindle to work wirelessly. What does that mean? Well, I have to make my purchases from my computer and then connect my Kindle to my computer and transfer the books via a USB connection. Mike actually likes it this way: I can't just purchase to my heart's content with the convenient "one-click" buying. If you aren't familiar with one-click - take my advice...don't learn. Your wallet will thank you.

Now, for my stocking...I want a Kindle car charger, a Kindle attachable reading light, a cuter Kindle carry case, a Kindle gift-certificate.... or maybe just a gift-certificate to Amazon!