Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What about a Wiki?

Kathi Hoyt and I have recently been sharing ideas and resources as we venture into the world of wikis. Elizabeth Waddington introduced me to the wiki years ago but I never took a shine to this tool until I started focusing on the 21st Century Skills initiative...and now after reading Marzano's book (Classroom Instruction that Works), and presenting on the revised Bloom's taxonomy, I am even more determined to make my world a wiki world. (Not to be confused with wacki...I am already there)

Kathi sent me a copy out of the most recent issue of Edutopia (free resource) titled The Way of the Wiki and I thought it fit perfectly with the direction we are taking in phases II & III for TILT this year. When I read, "A simple, cheap technology with a funny name will become an even more powerful portal into creative teaching and learning this year.", and " A wiki is the ultimate enabler for collaboration.", I knew I was on target for introducing wikis to you at the beginning of this year.

I encourage you to read this article and if you don't already, check out the blog by Vicki Davis mentioned...I subscribe to Cool Cat and she is great! You will hear her name mentioned frequently amongst technology educators as a leader in our field.

I would also encourage you to subscribe to Edutopia...you might have heard of the founder and creator...George Lucas. He has great information for the educator that wants to incorporate creativity in the classroom.

May the Force be with you!