Friday, August 29, 2008

Blogging In Billings

Wow! I am so proud of my TILT teachers - taking the initiative to create classroom blogs to use with their students and parents. AND...teaching other teachers around the district to do the same! I think you are going to find some great information and classroom ideas from these folks:

Here is a list (some are by invitation only, so not listed):
Connie Jensen - 2nd Grade
Jamee Wilson - 3rd Grade
Julie Betts - 3rd Grade
Doretta Lambert - 3rd Grade
Sandy Anseth - 5th Grade
Dan Erikson - 5th Grade
Sara Olsgaard - 6th Grade
Elizabeth Waddington - Middle School Art
Susan Veit - Middle School English
Marjorie Zeedyk - Middle School Reading
Doug Van Zee - Freshman Health & PE

Some Ideas of How to use a Blog:

  • Communicate with parents about classroom activities, homework assignments, and school events. (replace your classroom webpage)
  • Post Internet resources for students to use for research projects
  • Post assignments for students
  • Journaling for students
    • Book Reviews
    • Collaborative Activities
    • Creative Writing
    • History
  • Put lesson content for students that are absent on your blog
  • Post classroom calendar events
  • post assignments based on literature readings and have students respond, creating a kind of portfolio of their work.
  • post prompts for writing.
  • provide examples of classwork, vocabulary activities, or grammar games.
  • provide online readings for your students to read and react to.
  • post photos and comment on class activities.
  • publish examples of good student writing done in class.
  • show case student art, poetry, and creative stories.
  • create a literature circle.