Friday, April 18, 2008

TED Talks: Is Creativity Killing Education?

Sir Ken Robinson talks about the future of our educational system and how we are educating our students to not be creative. This is a very compelling argument for supporting creativity in students. Why am I sharing this?

The Revised Bloom's Taxonomy lists Creativity as the highest level for knowledge acquisition and learning.

21st Century Skills
includes Creativity and Innovation.

Montana State Standards for Technology Integration includes Creativity and Innovation.

We know that technology has a vast collection of tools for students to create and be innovative. When we change our approach from teacher-directed to student-centered - which is true technology integration - not only are we allowing students to construct their own knowledge, but we are also supporting the use of tools for creativity and innovation. Although this video is a bit long...I thought it was worth watching and worth sharing.
To watch this video, visit TED Talks (an excellent resource).