Monday, April 14, 2008

Are We Keeping Up? A Quick Look at Emerging Technology

Recently posted on the Internet was a top 100 list of E-Learning Tools. I quickly scrolled down the list and was amazed at how many we have explored in TILT. In TILT, we have a great advantage - time to explore or at least be exposed to new technology.

I hope that as you look through this list, you are encouraged by the level of awareness you are at for emerging technology in education. Of course there are going to be tools on this list that you and I have not had the opportunity to explore yet, but how cool is it to have a place where we can see what is considered emerging in the area of E-Learning.

Tell me, how many on this list have you explored? How many on the list are you at least familiar with? (I use or have explored 50, I am familiar with 96)