Friday, November 9, 2007

virtual workshops

Last night I participated in an online workshop using ivocalize. It was an art deal called "5 minute masterpieces" run by Marney Makridakis of Artella ( ) The moderated discussion included the usual text (each person identified as they typed and posted); a whiteboard (we did a collaborative art doodle piece at the end); and easy to follow upload so we could share our paper collage pieces that we cut and pasted in our own locations from one side of the U.S to the other and into Canada. Pretty cool stuff!
I may sign up for another if it fits my schedule.
I've included two of the 5 pieces we did last night in an hour...there was discussion between the 5 minute projects.
BTW - If you want the "story" I wrote to explain the creature and me portraits, you'll have to contact me to email it : )