Thursday, November 1, 2007

Post, Read, Comment, Reward

Well, well, you have decided to read a post on the blog. Is it because you have been made to or because you want to collaborate and communicate with your peers? Is it because Desiree is making you do it as part of an activity?

Students are posting, reading and commenting on blogs daily. It is part of their life and we should be making it a part of ours.

So in an effort to generate more interest and traffic for the BPS TILT blog, I have decided to create a contest. The first TILT member to comment (intelligently) on this blog will receive a prize.

Better yet, the TILT member with the most comments by semester end will receive a "BIG" prize.

Need a reason to read and to comment? I understand...just like your students, you are wondering, "How does this impact me in the real world?" is the topic of this post...Do you have a projector in your classroom? If you do, how are you using it. Be specific. What is the last thing you did using your projector? If you don't have one...what would you do with one?

Now I know what you guys feel like, working like a dog just to get your students to interact!