Thursday, November 2, 2006

Web vs Desktop: An Interesting Battle

Over the years we have become used to purchasing software and installing it onto our computer. We have used programs like Office for our main productivity programs without questioning if there is anything else out there. Then...along comes the Web with its browser-based interface. With the evolution of Web 2.0, many folks have started ditching the desktop software for the online applications. Why not...when you can use them for free, collaborate with others, and access your material from any computer with internet access.

I read a recent article on ReadWriteWeb about the battle between desktop giants like Microsoft and internet giants like Google. Both companies are trying to figure out how to claim a piece of the other's territory. So what does this mean for us? I think this may be a good is like that commercial that states, "When banks compete, we win." With each company developing software in competing territories, we will be left with more choices for our productivity tools.

The specific article is titled Elephants and Evolution - How the Landscape is Changing for Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Adobe.

In education, I think we fall behind in the latest tools that are available to us. We think Powerpoint is still the end-all application for teachers and that email is the most useful productivity tool we could ever dream of using. We are missing out on a myriad of applications by not keeping up with the latest technology trends such as Web 2.0, blogs, and social networks.

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